SegWit for Litecoin has succesfully activated! A big thank you to the Litecoin/Bitcoin communities, the Litecoin/Bitcoin developers and the miners for making this possible! Arise chickun!

Activation period #50 block range (8064 blocks)1540224 - 1548288
Current block height1541623
Blocks mined since period start1399 (17.35%)
Blocks left until period end6665 (82.65%)
Current activated soft forksbip34,bip66,bip65,csv,segwit
Current pending soft forks
Next block retarget (4 per activation period)1542240
Blocks to mine until next retarget617
Next block retarget ETA1 days, 1 hours, 42 minutes
Segwit status active
Segwit activation threshold 75%